English brief

WUDIMEKS Sp. z o. o.

42-200 Częstochowa
ul. Armii Krajowej 60/62

tel. (0 34) 372-17-20
fax (0 34) 372-15-87 sekretariat@wudimeks.pl
English brief

Our services are organised to assist foreign companies with their investment plans, from concept to completion. Knowledge of local market, law and other special conditions of economic activity combined with knowledge of international standards and procedures is our key to success. We blazed trails in the field of investing through our over 10 years of activity in our region. Our long reference list gives us a chance to offer our clients high quality services in different fields of investing. Invest with reliable Partner.

- feasibility studies
- market surveys
- financing and business plans
- environmental impact assessments and other studies essential for the investment
- master planning
- financing services
- legal support

Design and Engineering
- basic and detail design engineering
- approval and permitting
- procurement

Project Management
- construction management
- construction supervision
- commissioning and taking overs
- post-completion services
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